Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What is CBC Test?
CBC test which is also known as the Complete Blood Count test is a kind of test in which a group of tests is there for examining or evaluating the function and workflow of blood cells that are used to move around in human blood. In CBC or Complete Blood Count test, more than one test was conducted to examine the functionality and the work fluency of human blood cells. And in this testing technique the RBC (Red Blood Cells), WBC (White Blood Cells), PLTs (Platelets) examination or evaluation takes place. The Complete Blood Count test can be called a full-body check-up because this testing method can detect all abnormal conditions and can evaluate the overall health report of a human body.
Complete Blood Count test contains the process of concentration of hemoglobin and the hematocrit and count of platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells to evaluate the test report for human health. This test method can be done by an automatic hematology evaluator or analyzer or with basic lab equipment for counting and collecting the complete information about the blood cells like numbers, strength or weakness, internal structure, size, etc.
Manual tests of Complete Blood Count can confirm all the abnormal results and activity of human blood independently with accuracy. The hematocrit in human blood samples can be detected manually by the centrifuging system and measuring the proportion of the red blood cells, and in the labs, if any of the automated lab instruments are not available, then the process of counting of blood cells is performed under the microscope with the help of hemocytometer machine.

Why CBC Count Required?
Complete Blood Count (CBC) is used to evaluate the overall health report and recognize or detect the many kinds of disorders, including leukemia, infection, and anemia. This test can show you the report about the several components and also functionality and features of the blood of any human body including:
White Blood Cells, which fight infections or abnormal things which is harmful or not good for the human body. White Blood Cells can also be called the protector of the human body cells.
Red Blood Cells, which have a major task in the human body to carry the oxygen throughout the body for cells and the other parts of the human body.
Hemoglobin, which is used to be present in Red Blood Cells and has the ability to make the bond with oxygen and enables Red Blood Cells to carry oxygen throughout the human body.
Hematocrit, which is the proportion of RBC in the human blood.
Platelets, this can stop bleeding by making a blob of the blood and forming plugs in blood vessel damaging or in injuries.

This blood test (Complete Blood Test) is a kind of blood test that can be done for many reasons in the human body like:
To review your overall health, a Complete Blood Count test can be recommended by any doctors for a routine medical test or a full body check-up to evaluate the general health report of a human body and to do screening for a variety of diseases or disorders, like leukemia, anemia, etc.
For diagnosing a medical condition, A Complete Blood Count test can be suggested by the doctor if anyone is feeling or experiencing fever, inflammation, fatigue, weakness bruising, bleeding, etc. A Complete Blood Count test can recognize the symptoms of this disease and after the test, it can be evaluated on the report of health for the particular blood sample. Even if anyone is being suspected of any kind of infection in the body, the doctor can confirm the identification of that infection by the Complete Blood Count test.
For monitoring the medical treatment, any doctor can suggest the complete blood count test, because it can be used to monitor the human body health report if medication process which is being taken by the body may affect blood cell counts and its functionality.
For monitoring any medical condition, any doctor can suggest the Complete Blood Count test to monitor the health condition of a human body if he identifies any kind of blood disorder in the body that may affect the blood cell counts and its functionality.
When the CBC report has been prepared, you can see two columns like ‘reference range’ and the results of the test. If the value of the reference range of the generated result by the Complete Blood Count test is lies between the reference ranges of the generated report then you are considered normal. But if the result value is evaluated higher or lower than the mentioned reference range of the report card, then the person is considered abnormal, and then that person needs to take the proper medical treatment to be normal. Mild anemia is the most common cause when the value of generated report becomes higher or lower than the reference range.
All laboratories can have different ways of examining human blood. Therefore the reference range can also depend on the testing lab that is handling the process of the Complete Blood Count test of any blood sample. The value of the generated result can also be different because of the reasons that can affect the human blood like sex, age, and also from the range of height from sea level, you live.

What kind of diseases can be detected by the CBC test?
A Complete Blood Count test can detect the number of diseases and abnormal conditions in the human body. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Anemia
  2. Dehydration
  3. Any kind of Infections
  4. Inflammation
  5. Hemoglobin status
  6. Autoimmune disorders
  7. Bone marrow disorders
  8. Nutritional deficiencies
  9. Platelets status
  10. Lymphoma
  11. Thalassemia
  12. Leukemia
  13. Sickle cell disease
  14. Cancer: if it reached the bone marrow

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